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secret to successful project outcome

Almost two decades after its founding, WEnCo is earning a good reputation for its projects outcome, as a result of light engineering and very simple solutions, chosen among the available state-of-the-art.

By both concentrating and expanding our available resources, we have created a highly efficient network of competence and specialised knowledge covering the sectors of water, wastewater and environmental engineering.

WEnCo's expertise incorporates today all major engineering disciplines including Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil, providing comprehensive solutions for the management of Industrial water and wastewater.

  • Mass, Heat and Energy balances;
  • Process Definition, Simulation and Optimisation;
  • Block Diagram, PFD and P&ID;
  • Line Specification Assessment;
  • Piping Class Definition;
  • Intrument list, Datasheet (w. Hook-Ups);
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals (...)
  • Equipment & Line list (w. Material List Specification);
  • Piping Scope Layout;
  • Piping Arrangement Drawings;
  • Piping Support Plans (w. Support List & Stress Analysis);
  • Piping Iso & Ortho Drawings (w. BOM);
  • Mechanical Equipment Datasheet (...)
  • Excavation Drawings;
  • General Layout (w. overall dimensions of the Foundations);
  • Loads and Overloads (for Areas and Equipment);
  • General Arrangement of Stairs, Ladders, Walkways;
  • Steel Structures Assembly (w. Sectional Drawings and typical details for Structure) (...)
  • Master Equipment List & Load Balances;
  • Electrical Load List;
  • Single Line Diagram;
  • Motor & Sensor List (w. Automation Block Diagram);
  • Power Distribution Design;
  • Cable Main Routing Drawings;
  • Electrical Equipment Technical Datasheet (...)

Serving Clients in many sectors, our team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies for process simulation, CAD and 3D modeling, piping stress analysis, finite elements design of steel and steel-concrete structures (FEM). Using BIM as main control and planning software, we always keep a complete view on any design phases and relevant progress.

On demand, WEnCo provides Front End Engineering Design (FEED) service, focusing on the technical requirements as well as on the rough investment cost for the project.

Piping Stress Analysis